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Hi my name is Carlos Ayoub. Ever since i was 14 I have had a love affair with cooking and every chance I got (when my mother was not home of course ) I would cook for my friends. I was always trying to make something new and different and my friends were always eager to eat what I had made. Now my friends tell me that no one makes food as tasty as I do. My dream was to have my own restaurant and in 2006 elCentro Pizza was born.

We are a local family owned business and we treat our customers like family. That same inspiration I had to cook back then is just as strong now as it was back then and you will find me doing what I love best which is creating the meals that our customers love. When I am not cooking you can be sure that I will be supervising every thing that is going on with your order. The only time you won’t find me in the kitchen is during the rare times I take a vacation.

Now el centro is taking it to the next level offering you choices to enhance your pizza taste …You might be surprised by how one small add-on can enhance the flavour and taste simply awesome. Whether it be our our tomato sauce from a choice grade tomatoes, premium brand toppings or our secret and tasty spices, you can expect the same great taste every time you order.

Let us do the Cooking tonight!